Rolling is a great way to release tension and increase flexibility. Firmer and more durable than foam, cork is the perfect material to support a healthy self-care practice!

When starting out with a massage roller, it’s important to focus on comfort over intensity.  Since cork is naturally more firm than foam, using a cork roller can be quite intense at first. Here are a few tips on how to ease yourself into the exciting world of facia and deep-tissue massage with your new FeetUp Cork Roll:

  1. Choose a Target. Pinpoint a sore or tight area in your body that you’d like to focus on.

  2. Alignment is Key. Figure out the best body position that allows you to stay balanced as you slowly lower the center point of the targeted area onto the roll. Feel free to use your arms and legs for more support!

  3. Go Slow. Give yourself plenty of time to figure out find that sweet “comfortably uncomfortable” body position. As cork is pretty firm, the pressure can quickly jump from a (somewhat) comfortable “aaaaaaaah” to a surprisingly painful “AAAAAAH!!!”

  4. Gravity Goes a Long Way. Let your body release into the cork roll once you’ve found the right spot and body position. Avoid trying to push or add extra force until your body is ready!

  5. Embrace Stillness and Breath. Much like getting into a hot bathtub, it may take some time for your body to acclimate to the new sensation of focused pressure. Make sure to continue breathing as a reminder for your muscles to slowly release.

  6. Let the Good Times Roll! Once everything starts to relax into stillness, start to slowly rock back and forth to massage out the target area. Go slow, keep breathing, and remember to listen to your body the entire time.

Prepare to experiment with slight adjustments to alignment and placement to find the most effective technique for your body. Much like finding the perfect mattress, some people are more sensitive to pressure than others.

Pro-Tip: If you find that the cork is a touch firm at first, try placing a folded towel over your roller for some extra padding. You can always take it away once your body gets used to your new self-care practice!

Feeling inspired? We've got an assortment of great rollers to choose from!


Cork Roll MediumThe smaller diameter of the medium roll provides focused pressure to target areas.

Cork Roll Large - This roll has a thicker diameter to provide more support and leverage.

The FeetUp PeanutThe unique shape of this roller focuses attention on sore muscles without putting pressure on the bones.

The FeetUp Peanut