Are you a yoga teacher, fitness, or health professional looking to share your FeetUp practice with others? We want to support YOU!

Multiple options to fit your needs

10% OFF below $500

Starting off? Receive 10% discount on all orders below $500.

20% OFF above $500

Going big? Get a 20% discount on any order above $500.

Accessible Fun for Everyone

From yin to power flow to pilates and even pole
dancing, the FeetUp Trainer provides a stable
foundation for everyone to practice by
providing plenty of options for students of all
levels and movement capabilities.

No Costly Installs

Easy to assemble and even easier to use, a
stack of FeetUp Trainers in your studio adds
value to every class on your schedule without
having to spend money on installation or

Easy to Clean, Stack, and Store

Limited storage space? No worries! Trainers
stack vertically for maximum storage in minimal
space while looking great when not in use
With just a simple spray & wipe after class,
FeetUp Trainers are built to last for years of
daily use.

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